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Great device! makes comprehensive calibration easy and has a nice error correction built in

Neil H.
Superb kit

Received today (well packaged) and assembled in approx. 1hr - probably could have done this much quicker, but I wasn't in a rush. The quality of the parts, both printed and 'bought in', is excellent. Haven't actually used it yet, but I'm impressed with the build and smooth operation. Thanks Vector 3D.

Useful tool

Works very well to correct errors in dimensional accuracy. Nice to have both Excel and ODF as options for handling the measurements.

work like a charm

It's just the perfect tool for the job.


It works just like I wanted. I had a project for many thread inserts, which helped me be more precise. I haven't used it enough to say what it could need to make better, so for now it's great.

Great modular workbench

Very sturdy and easy to assemble, disassemble, or change the layout. No doubt this bench will outlast me.

The califlower calibration tool is an extremely well thought out tool. The inclusion of the spreadsheet to help you make use of the results and even give you the code required to correct skew is an added bonus.

Great tool

Easy to use - fast calibration of printer in both X and Y directions

Perfect print after calibration

I'm somewhat inexperienced in the area of calibration. After printing the Cali lantern two times, I printed my first CAD project. A box for four HDMI splitters, with a clearance of 0.4mm on each side, and a lid on top. It printed perfectly on my Ender 3v2. I'm very happy :)

is good

i think it will do my printer good, but

i had this ender 3 lying about for years, after taking some machinist and cnc classes i took upon myself to get it up and running. i havent measured or anything yet, but i am writing this review just to say that it will benefit to have a smaller version, yes i know i can scale it in the slicer and math the measurements, but the full size took 5 hours. i dont know if the size that it is now matters, but time is money, especially if one is going to use it on print farm printers.

Awesome quality

Awesome quality

It works!

My prints were looking great but I was having issues with printed parts fitting together. The Califlower showed me my prints were slightly undersized on the X & Y and the spreadsheet showed me exactly how to correct it.
Would love to see a version that includes Z.

Find it really useful to test a new filament

I was initially on an FLSUN v400, noted that I did a have skew adjustment and size issue..
could not get it correct. Then I realized I just want to print and not code.
So I return the FLSUN, good fast printer...
pickup a Bambu A1...
Now we are talking just a little bit off on size and that could be the filiment, as I did another and it was with .02 on all measurements.

This is a fantastic tool and it help me realize I just want to print and not tinker.

Really good

Great tool, but consider a different e-commerce platform.

I spent 20 minutes trying to buy this thing, Shopify rejected 5 cards in a row and eventually, I had to use PayPal. Let me repeat that, I had to use PayPal in the year 2024!

Calilantern to simmilar to califlower

imo there is no reason to buy the califlower since you always need the lantern, I did not know about calilantern and thus bought califlower vut later discovered I could much better buy the calilantern since its the same thing but better

While calilantern does have greater capability, califlower is faster, simpler and lower cost. Not sure that it deserves 2 stars for that

Great tool!

Super useful in itself, but the documentation and calculators take it way over the top. One of the most useful prints I've found.

Nice but

The tool is nice, the software too

But it would be nice too add the feature that you can add the quad gantry level diviadion, so that it not works too each other.

I mean if the skew on one side it 0.007 but the max diviaton off the qgl is also 0.007 than it is ok

Hey, thanks for your review! I'm not quite sure I understand your feature request since QGL is a levelling feature and doesn't really affect skew. But it sounds like you have some fasntic results if you're at 0.007!

Amazing tool

Amazing.. used it to calibrate my VZBot 330 scaled to 150% and got it within +-0.5mm reliably over a couple of test prints and scew is now basically 0. Parts fit perfectly now when I design to match an already existing part.

Works great.

Well designed, good instructions and accurate results.

Not used yet, but it will be a great help when using Hueforge

Truly amazed

🤯Truly amazed! I had tried everything I could find and was beginning to think dimensional accuracy simply wasn't possible, until I came across this. Thank you!