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VLMP 2 Hardware Kit

VLMP 2 Hardware Kit

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About VLMP 2 Hardware Kit

VLMP 2 builds on the incredible success of the original VLMP heat set insert press to bring you a rigid, strong, stable, and precise insert press for high quality repeatable results. This hardware kit includes all the parts you'd need to purchase to build it including the extrusion, V-Slot wheels, screws, counterweights etc. However, it doesn't include the soldering iron.

Note: Early versions of VLMP 2 kits may include VLMP 1 parts that are not used. This will not be included later on.



  1. All hardware needed for assembly
  2. STLs for printed parts

 Not included

  1. Tools for assembly
  2. filament or printed parts

Printing Parts

We do not offer printed parts for VLMP 2. You can print from any material for most of the design, you just need to make sure the grip is printed from ABS or ASA. The grip is quite small and can be done with a brim so should be achievable on many printers.

Upgrading from Original VLMP?

Upgrading from VLMP 1 is incredibly easy, many of the parts are common, particularly the extrusion, V wheels and idlers so you just the need the upgrade kit and new printed parts. The grip is identical so you don't need to be printing a new one in ABS. For the rest of the parts PLA is fine so pretty much any printer will work. All the parts are designed to be easy to print to success is simple, even for 3D printing beginners.


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