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TD-1 Analyser

TD-1 Analyser

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TD-1 is a revolutionary device designed to streamline the process of gathering critical filament data by capturing the TD (Transmission Distance) and colour hex code directly from your filament and add these new materials directly to your HueForge filament library.

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  • Measure the Transmission Distance of your filament.
  • Obtain the colour hex code of your filament.
  • Add new filaments directly to your HueForge library.
  • Monitor the real-time TD data of your filament, whether it’s actively in use or during the spooling process directly on the production line.
  • Connect directly with HueForge software for effortless integration.
  • View test results directly on the device even when not connected to HueForge.
  • Convenient USB-C interface with included cable (PCB kit and assembled versions).


The kit version includes all the electronics, hardware and software license. The 3D printed case parts are not included. For assembly you will need solder, a soldering iron, side cutters, and a 2mm hex driver.


The assembled version is fully assembled and ready to run.


For all the information on assembly, usage, and printed parts, head over to the AJAX 3D Resources page. 

Creator Support

At Vector3D it's important to us that we help and support small businesses and creators. We acquire this kit directly from the original creator, AJAX 3D, ensuring we provide the best support for them that we can. Help us help them help you by purchasing TD-1 from an authorised seller that supports the creator.



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