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VzLight LED PCB for VzBot

VzLight LED PCB for VzBot

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VzLight is a LED lighting panel on a PCB stick designed to illuminate the VzBot line of 3D printers. They include mounting holes and connectors to allow easy mounting and wiring into your 3D printer. All VzLights have black PCBs and are manufactured using high quality Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) process.


VZLight300 VZLight300Neo VzLight400 VzLight400Neo
Designed for Vz235 Vz235 Vz330 Vz330
Length 300mm 300mm 400mm 400mm
Width 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm
Light Colour White RGB White RGB
Colour Temp. 6000K~6500K N/A 6000K~6500K N/A
Connector JST XH 2 Pin JST XH 3 Pin JST XH 2 Pin JST XH 3 Pin
Voltage 24V 5V 24V 5V
Power (Max.) 4.1W 4.6W (est.) 5.3W 5.8W (est.)
Operating Temp. -30C to +85C TBC -30C to +85C TBC
Light Emission Angle 120° TBC 120° TBC
Mounting Holes 2 x M3 2 x M3 3 x M3 2 x M3
PCB Colour Black Black Black Black

More info

The RGB type are digital addressable type and Neopixel compatible allowing for fluid animations and vibrant colours. These are best used as indicators such as error lights, progress indicators etc.
For best illumination I use white LEDs and would recommend two per 3D printer, one mounted on each side.


VzLight are designed to use M3 screws for mounting, you can use any solution you prefer but for simplicity I have designed a mounting system which you can download below.

Mounting hardware is not included so you'll need to purchase this separately. Remember to get hardware for mounting the bracket to the frame as well as mounting the VzLight to the bracket.


VzLight is designed to use JST XH connectors and these come pre-soldered to the PCB. However, you'll need to make the wires for connecting to your control board and this hardware is not included. I recommend some 22AWG wire, JST XH connectors, and JST XH terminals, plus terminals and connectors for the connection on your control board.

For the White LEDs, its recommend to use a spare heater output on the control board but if you're board doesn't have one, good fan outputs tend to work ok as well, just be sure they can manage the power requirements shown in the table above.

Software and Control

Controlling white LEDs is relatively simple as they just need power, or a PWM signal if you want to control brightness.

For the RGB type you'll need 5V power and a digital signal pin on your control board. The firmware will also need support for RGB such as Neopixels.

For both white and RGB LEDs you will need some firmware configuration, you need to look this up for your specific firmware and the video below will probably help a lot.

You may also want to take a look at RainbowShift which is an RGB controller that runs WLED, a powerful lighting software for RGB and home automation but links into 3D printers running klipper very easily.


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