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Vector 3D

VLMP 2 STLs, BOM and Assembly Guide

VLMP 2 STLs, BOM and Assembly Guide

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A set of 3D digital files that can be 3D printed to make the Vector 3D VLMP 2 heat set insert press. This includes a customisable file for the grip, a list of parts you need to acquire to assemble (BOM), and a high quality step-by-step assembly manual.

Printing Instructions

You can print from any material for most of the design, you just need to make sure the grip is printed from ABS or ASA. The grip is quite small and can be done with a brim so should be achievable on many printers.

I suggest 3 perimeters and 4 top/bottom layers, with 20% infill. For the base, be sure to add supports for the bridge sections.

You get the Autodesk fusion CAD file (and common STLs) for the grip with your purchase as the grip itself is an open source design. We also have a database that stores common sizes for various soldering iron models so you can make it yourself in just the right size.

Once you have a good grip size for your iron, be sure to share it to our database to help others too by filling in this form.

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