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Vector 3D

V3WB - Vector 3D Workbench

V3WB - Vector 3D Workbench

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The Vector 3D workbench is a modular workbench made from aluminium extrusion designed for 3D printers and makers. This purchase includes:

  • Bill of materials with parts dimensions, quantities, and suggested supplier where available.
  • PDF Drawings for manufacturing (only for parts that need it)
  • PDF Assembly guide for the main workbench

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Design Information

The workbench is designed such that modifying dimensions is relatively simple so you are able to make it shorter, wider, deeper and even change the worktop height if needed.

That being said, if you don't wish to modify anything in the design the standard workbench size is 1200mm wide, 700mm deep, and 2000mm tall. The worktop is 1000mm from the ground. Before buying plans, you can use these dimensions to make estimates on the total length of extrusion needed for your particular arrangement of shelves.

The extrusion size is 4545 which is 45mm x 45mm.

Price Estimation

The estimated price that it may cost you to build this workbench can vary wildly as the cost of aluminium extrusion, the joint types, and any required processing varies significantly from country to country. You can also use many different qualities of panels, worktops wood etc depending on your needs.

The lowest possible cost for the simplest design is probably around £200-250 while the maximum spec will probably be in the range of £600-800.



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Great modular workbench

Very sturdy and easy to assemble, disassemble, or change the layout. No doubt this bench will outlast me.