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Steel Umbilical Support Wire

Steel Umbilical Support Wire

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Steel umbilical support wires are thin gauge steel designed to support open cable lengths and afford strain relief to the cables or wires around them. Thin springy steel wire is strong, flexible, and won't droop in the heat of an enclosed printer.

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Umbilical support wires are available in two sizes. Large diameter is best for larger printers, such as those great than 300x300mm while the smaller gauge is better for smaller printers.

This steel wire is electrically conductive so be sure to use to safely. The ends can be sharp so ensure they cannot slip and penetrate wires or other electronics.

The pictures show the wire coiled up into a loop. To use you must CAREFULLY unwind the loop being sure to keep hold of the ends as they can spring out when you don't expect it.

These umbilical support wires are pre-cut to 1m lengths so longer continuous lengths are not available.



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