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RainbowShift makes it easy to use WLED with an ESP8266 microchip. It simplifies wiring by utilizing a logic level shifter and smoothing capacitor. Designed for 3D printers running Klipper, it can also be used for other RGB control. No soldering required with a fully assembled PCB and optional ESP8266 module.

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Why RainbowShift?

While WLED is a powerful piece of software, wiring it up can be complex and will often need soldering, wires, components and maybe a breadboard to get everything connected. This can be difficult and prone to mistakes. Rainbow shift makes it easy. Simply attach the ESP8266 to the top of the RainbowShift module, attach power, and you have all the connections you need for two 3A capable RGB outputs.

RainbowShift General Specifications


2 x 5V 3A fused power output

2 x Level shifted RGB Data outputs

JST XH compatible connectors

ESP8266 GPIO header (optional)


5V up to around 7A

Pin Socket for D1 Mini type ESP8266 Module

RainbowShift Compatibility

The type of RGB LEDs that this work with RainbowShift are the three pin addressable type, also known as aRGB, addressable RGB or Digital RGB. RGBW that uses 3 pin arrangement are also supported. The pinout is for 5V, Data, and GND and will not work with 4 pin or 12/24V LEDs.

The ESP8266 module optionally supplied with RainbowShift is the D1 Mini USB-C. Other D1 Mini type ESP8266 modules should work provided their pinout and the separation between the two rows of 8 pins is the same. The pin pitch is 2.54mm. On the module I have, this separation between the rows is 22.7mm and this is what the RainbowShift PCB design is based on.


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