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MicroPWM 24V PWM Controller

MicroPWM 24V PWM Controller

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The MicroPWM 24V PWM Controller is small and standalone, allowing manual brightness control of white LEDs without a microcontroller or firmware changes. It is compact and can handle 24V, unlike most PWM controllers limited to 12V.

Specification MicroPWM
Voltage 24V
Switching Frequency (Hz) 18000
Current (A) Tested to 2.3
Power (W) Tested to 55
Length (mm) 70
Width (mm) 19
Hole Distance (mm) 51.5
Hole Size M3
Connector Type JST XH (2 pin)

More info

What is it for?

MicroPWM was design to be used on 3D printers where modification of the firmware is difficult or impossible but installation of LEDs is desired. This simple controller can connect directly to a 24V power supply and to a 24V LED PCB, and control them via PWM with a dial to change the brightness and a switch for power.

The reality is that this controller has potential for much wider applications since it doesn't actually matter what 24V device is being controlled, as long as it can function with a PWM signal, it could be compatible.

This won't work with digital RGB LEDs like Neopixels since they work completely differently. Neopixels require a microcontroller to send them data.

What is Included?

Included in your order is one MicroPWM PCB, fully assembly and ready to use.

No physical case is included, but you can download this design which can be easily 3D printed.

Mounting hardware such as screws and nuts are not included, so you'll need to source these yourself. For my enclosure design, two M3 x 20 screws are recommended.

Installation Guide

The MicroPWM has two connectors, one is for power input, one is for the PWM controlled output. Both of these need to be connected, and they use JST XH connectors. The power input should be connected directly to the 24V output of a power supply. The PWM output should be connected to the device you want to control, such as an LED PCB like Daybreak, Dayspring, or VZLight

To mount MicroPWM you can print a case/enclosure that I designed for it which you can download here. This enclosure is designed for the screws to pass all the way though so you just need a couple of m3 nuts, hammer nuts, or heat set inserts on the other side and the whole things is mounted and enclosed with just  two M3x20mm Screws.

What is PWM?

According to the fantastic Wikipedia: pulse width modulation (PWM) is a method of controlling the average power or amplitude delivered by an electrical signal. You can read more on the original Wikipedia article here.



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