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DIN Rail End Clamp

DIN Rail End Clamp

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DIN rail end clamps are used to keep the rest of the DIN rail terminal blocks in place. End Clamps are equipped with two screws to ensure a strong connection to the DIN rail to prevent sliding. One at each end of your DIN rail terminal blocks allows for a stable collection of blocks.

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DIN Rail terminal blocks are a great, flexible option for making connections for high and low voltage on 3D printers such as Voron, RatRig, and VzBot.

They press fit onto a standard DIN rail and have connected screw terminals on each side. They are also colour coded to suit the voltage and polarity of the connected wires.

It is recommended to combine the coloured blocks with end clamp blocks and end plates for safe connections that don't move.

For UK mains Blue, Red, and Green/yellow are recommended.


Type: JUK2.5B

Width: 9.5mm



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