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Aluminium Diagonal Support 2020/3030

Aluminium Diagonal Support 2020/3030

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This aluminium diagonal support is a lightweight, rigid and strong aluminium diagonal brace for 2020 and 3030 extrusion frame 3D printers. This product is made in Austria from an aerospace grade aluminium and machined to a high quality, great tolerances and beautiful surface finish.

Order quantity of 1 (one) includes 1 (one) diagonal support. Two pieces are recommended for symmetrical design.

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Dimensions: 195 x 30 x 19 mm
Material: EN AW 7075
Production: Precision CNC milling
Surface : (with minimal handling scratches)
Location: Made in Austria
Design: Credit goes to Simon Vez (VzBot)

A 3D printed cage is utilised to help reduce potential damage during shipping.



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