VLMP 2 and VLMP Pro

Starts shipping 20th May from Vector 3D and our global reseller partners.
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  • VLMP 2

    • Designed for Consumers
    • Stiff 2040 extrusion backbone
    • Wide weighted base for stability
    • Base Storage for inserts and tips
    • Aggressive aesthetic design
    • Mainly 3D parts, STLs included
    • Repeatable performance
    • Fully covered and adjustable counterweight
    • Fully enclosed idler
    • Easily upgradable from VLMP 1
  • VLMP Pro

    • Designed for small scale industrial and commercial
    • Stiff 2040 extrusion backbone
    • Precision linear rails
    • Stiff aluminium base
    • Adjustable bespoke counterweight design
    • All STLs included for spares and repairs
    • Pre-installed heat set inserts
    • Everything included. No choices, nothing missed, no risks.
    • High performance materials


VLMP 2 builds on the incredible success of the original VLMP heat set insert press to bring you a rigid, strong, stable, and precise insert press for high quality repeatable results.

  1. Direct and easy upgrade from VLMP 1.
  2. Fully enclosed idler to prevent belt hop.
  3. Wider base for greater stability.
  4. Accessible storage for inserts.
  5. Fully covered and adjustable counterweight.
  6. Aggressive aesthetic design.
  7. 3D printed parts with all STLs included.
  8. Cost effective parts for easy spares and repairs.
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VLMP pro builds on the success of VLMP 1 but with a greater focus
on endurance and performance. VLMP pro implements bespoke design, high quality components and premium materials to offer an optimised heat set insert press for small business and batch production environments.

  1. Precise and smooth linear rails 
  2. Strong 2040 extrusion backbone 
  3. Fully enclosed idler to prevent belt hop 
  4. Stiff aluminium base 
  5. Highly repeatable performance 
  6. Reliable design 
  7. Quality components and materials. 
  8. Adjustable counterweight 
  9. Adjustable end stops
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