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Deathracer Hardware Kit (Pro drive)

Deathracer Hardware Kit (Pro drive)

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This is a hardware and tool kit specifically for the pro drive variant of the track driven Deathracer. The quantities of each of these items is not shown, but is enough to build one full Deathracer vehicle.

Note: Deathracer is a design by Michael Baddeley and is not owned by Vector 3D.

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  1. All screws
  2. 540-11T Brushed Motor
  3. 60A ESC
  4. LESU 1/14 Planetary Reduction Gearbox (5:1)
  5. Rigid Flange Coupling 5mm
  6. 6mm Steel bar for boom arm
  7. 6mm Steel Chassis Stiffener
  8. 2mm Steel Rods for Tracks
  9. Steel Wire Cutters (for track rods)
  10. MG90s servo
  11. DS3235 Servo
  12. 6802-RS Bearings
  13. Rocker Toggle Switch
  14. Deans Y Splitter
  15. JST SM Extension
  16. Servo Splitter Cable
  17. Glue
  18. Cable Ties

Also Required, not included

  1. 3D Printer and Filament
  2. STLs Available from Michael Baddeleys Pateron page
  3. Transmitter, receiver and battery charger
  4. Batteries


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